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Habit: Mosquitoes reproduce in standing bodies of water. They can breed and mature in water sources as small as a hoof print or trashcan. Generally, species require two weeks to complete breeding and maturation.

Diet: While some mosquitoes do feed on blood, such as that of a human, however this is not the only part of their diet. The young will have a different diet than the adults will. There are also certain species of mosquito that do not feed on blood and are simply nectar eaters. Blood is a required component of female mosquitoes, and it does not matter if it is human or animal blood.

Reproduction: Female mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water or soft soil that will soon contain water. Eggs are laid individually, and one female can lay a hundred eggs or more. Depending upon the species of mosquito, eggs float on the surface of the water, either individually, or as a raft of eggs stuck together.

Other: Mosquitoes are not only a pesky insect that cause irritating bites, they are also vectors of blood-borne diseases that affect both humans and animals.
Mosquito Life Cycle

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